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FLX Planner, from Finger Lakes Paperie with love

From one planner person to another, I've searched high and low to find a planner layout that works for me and my daily schedule. I was either feeling guilty about not using dated pages if I didn't need them, or I wasn't completely happy with the rigidity of other planner layouts. Those feelings were the reason that FLX Planner was born.

FLX has two meanings: (1) FLX, pronounced "flex," stands for this planner's flexibility to suit your unique planning style. There is a lot of room for creative planning, but if you're into more straightforward task management, then this planner is designed for you in mind, too. (2) FLX is also the abbreviation for the Finger Lakes Region in upstate New York, where I first created this planner and also planted my roots. I love everything the area has to offer, so it only felt appropriate to show love for the Finger Lakes through my planner's name.

Every single FLX Planner is designed, printed, cut, assembled, packaged, and shipped from my home. We create absolutely everything you find in this shop in-house, and put the most pride in every single page of every single planner. We spent countless hours finding the perfect paper, designing each page of the planner, trying out different covers and bindings, all to create the highest quality product possible. When we say these planners are 100% handmade, they really are. No warehouses involved.

FLX Planner Origins

I've been an artist and planner addict my whole life, but only recently decided to start my own business. In 2015, I founded Captree Designs; an illustration company that focused on crafting watercolor home portraits and wedding stationery. From there, I launched Finger Lakes Paperie with my husband to create fun greeting cards, laptop stickers, and functional planner stickers. Deciding that managing two shops wasn't enough, I launched Wobot & Friends in March 2020, and this is where I fell in love with the world of creative, fun, and decorative planner stickers. You can find FLP and W&F stickers here in our FLX Planner shop to round out your planning experience. This brings us to the summer of 2020, when I was about to buy a daily planner that I wasn't 100% in love with. After a lot of thought, it just made sense to expand out stationery reach into the world of actual planners. After many many hours of design, plenty of practice planners, feedback from friends and family, the final draft of FLX Planner was created.

We hope you find planning peace with the FLX planner.

The FLX Family 

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